First of all

I am so delighted you are here!

Family photos can often be an uncomfortable and unnatural experience, but they don't have to be!

I will do my best to make this the most enjoyable and comfortable experience for you and your fam.

My heart is capture photographs that truly represent the love between your family, not awkward super posed images that hold no real emotions or story. Instead, images you will look back on in years to come, and you can remember how it felt to be together back then and what it was like to live in this sacred season of your lives.

I'd love to work together to capture you in a natural way that documents real moments you share together, and tells

your story in a natural yet artistic way.

Documenting people in the spaces that mean the most to them, the places that hold a lot of memories and shared experiences makes this experience even more special.

We can do this in your home, the place you feel the most comfortable in and your special place on this earth. Or in a location that means a lot to you, like a favourite beach that is really dear to you.

We were lucky enough to have Phoenix take photos of us with our daughter!
Phoenix had a way of making us feel completely relaxed and comfortable; she brought out the genuine joy and love that we had in that moment. I was having so much fun with my family that I forgot she was snapping away. I absolutely loved the photos that she took, there was lots of diversity in the shots and I could tell she put a lot of thought into them.

If you want photos that capture feelings and put the special moments in your life into beautiful picture form then Phoenix is your girl!

- Josi + Isaac


family session I

• Up to 30 minutes of coverage

• At least 30 edited, high resolution

colour & black + White images

• Online image gallery + digital download


family session II

• Up to 1 hour of coverage

• Larger variety of photos
• At least 70 edited, high resolution

colour and black + White images

• Online image gallery + digital download


With each of these packages we will do a range of photographs, from whole family group photos to different family combinations, like Mum + Dad, Each parent + child individually etc. We can photograph whatever would mean the most to you all!

If any of these packages are not what you are looking for in terms of coverage or price, I am more than open to talk about it and help where I can.

A few frequently asked questions


I don't put a set number on how many you will receive, because every wedding, elopement, portrait session varies so much. But for portrait sessions I usually deliver from 30- 100 images. I don't withhold any images from you just because there's a certain number, these are your memories and I want you to have them.


It slightly depends on how busy I am and how much I've been shooting and traveling or if its holidays.

But I also want you to have your photos as soon as possible!
So typically for sessions it takes up 3-4 weeks. I always try get your photos to you in less time than that, but I also put a lot of work into each photo, because you are going to have these for the rest of your lives! I'll do my best to get your photos to you as soon as I can.


I have created a style guide that I'll send over to you, but just wear something that is comfortable and your style, be yourselves. If you are the type of people who would rather go around in old t-shirts and barefeet every day then it probably wouldn't make sense for you to wear something fancy!
I want you to feel like your favourite you and be at home as well. Sticking to earthy natural colours is best, this doesn't meant just black and grey though, but any colourful earthy colours like greens and burnt oranges, chocolate browns and mustard yellows for example. This helps with keeping peoples skin tones looking natural when I edit, and honestly just makes photos look so much softer and lovelier.
As well as making sure a big group of people's outfits look cohesive, without having the tragic 'everyone matching in white collared shirts and blue pants'!